Visions, values and meaning
Motivation and work performance
"Nothing great has ever been created without enthusiasm," is a statement attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher. How do we awaken enthusiasm in our employees? How do we awaken the enthusiasm within ourselves? How to achieve high commitment? Gerhard Schobel answers these and similar questions in his inspiring speech.

Successful failure
From failure to success
About the meaning of failure and the prerequisites for success. We are all afraid of failure. This often also means that we do not even start new projects. But is failure that bad? Isn't it precisely failure helping us up to the road to success? In his lecture, Gerhard Schobel shows different levels of failure and how these can be transformed into successes.

Leadership and Motivation

How brain research can help us to guide and motivate employees.

The Power of habits

Is our behavior dependent on our goals or on our habits?
How can we change our behavior and create new habits. Experience the challenges and the positive uses of habits and how they can be much of support to reach your goals.

Empowerment - Selfempowerment

How Empowerment helps to motivate employees more easily and lasting. Challenges, pitfalls and chances of empowerment. How we achieve to do less work and create more success.

Out of the power of the heart - healing models of the future
The health insurance costs are rising, the technological development in medicine is inevitable. More and more tasks of medical staff and doctors are taken over by computers. To which place does this lead us? Are in future time doctors and medical staff still needed? Are we going to a medical kiosk and buy the service on screen or do we need people. Is human medicine at all desirable? In this lecture, Gerhard Schobel speaks about the future development of medical services,the major changes we will have to face and the importance of humanily contact in future.

The sound of the heart

The next development step of man is not the expansion of the intellectual faculties, but the awareness and the awakening in the heart.

The Illusion of Crisis
Is crisis an illusion and if so, what is it for? In this lecture, Gerhard Schobel shows how crisis helps us to correct our path and achieve our goal successfully.

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